We only have one planet, and we are doing all that we can to preserve it. While everyone can do their own small part, at Skin Champagne we feel a responsibility to not take too much from the planet, and to give back as much as we can.

Trouble is, the beauty industry has been the opposite for many years. From plastic packaging piling up in landfills to cosmetics washing down drains and damaging marine life, our beauty and skincare routines can have a huge impact on the health of our world.

That’s why Skin Champagne has made a pledge to do better. To never take away more from our planet than we can give back, and make sure every single person, community, creature and plant is treated well.

Using our in-house formulation process and the expertise of licensed estheticians, we select exquisite ingredients, suppliers and sources that are ethical, sustainable and clean. We also produce elegant glass bottles for our products and ship them in biodegradable and reusable packaging to reduce our environmental impact, without sacrificing style.


Just because you want sustainable beauty doesn’t mean you should be limited to one type of product. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all, and at Skin Champagne, we deliver tailored skincare products for your unique concerns. Hand formulated by a licensed esthetician who also struggled to find skincare that worked for her, you can find a solution for any skincare woe within our collections. From dryness to acne, sensitivity or hyperpigmentation, we have developed a formula to target your worry zones and give you that soothing, super-soft skin you crave.


Just like our planet, beauty belongs to everyone, and everyone can make a difference. With so many options out there, it can feel almost impossible to choose a skincare brand that ticks all of the boxes for sustainable beauty. Skin Champagne is a conscious and responsible skincare brand, with one eye always on the impact of our supply chain, our ingredients and our products on not only you but our wider world as well. We want you to feel inspired to choose the extravagant, the lavish and the opulent in your beauty routine, whatever your skin type or concern. Our skincare delights are crafted with love and care in every step, with consciously sourced ingredients that will make you pop the champagne to celebrate.


We believe in being completely transparent with you, so you can see exactly where your ritzy skincare splendors have come from and every step they’ve taken to get to you. From our early days of conception through to formulation and to now, we’re passionate about  creating an ethical and sustainable supply chain for everything we do, from individual ingredients to the packaging we use.

Foreach of our signature ingredients, we research the country of origin, the cultivation and extraction methods, and the impact obtaining our ingredients has on local communities. We strived to create a brand where our products have minimal impact on the environment, with maximum results for your skin.

“I wanted to build a brand that wasn’t just about skincare. I wanted to create something that really made a difference.” — Honey Pierre


Beauty should be just that — beautiful. And there is nothing beautiful about animal testing or animal cruelty. Our commitment to animal welfare means that we won’t ever test our products on animals – or use suppliers that do. Each supplier we use is carefully vetted, and we will only work with suppliers who can prove they have never tested on animals. We’re even Leaping Bunny certified — so you can be sure your products are completely cruelty-free.

We’re also dedicated to proving that artisanal skincare doesn’t have to contain animal products to be efficacious and lavish. That’s why we’ve developed our range to be 100% vegetarian and as vegan-friendly as possible. Even our delectable ‘caviar’ range is made with Green Caviar, refined green algae that’s packed full of skin nutrition. In fact, only 2 of our products are non-vegan –the Mimosa Mask and the Meringue Body Butter — which both contain honey for its acne-fighting properties. But while they might sound delectable, please don’t try to eat them!

Each and every Skin Champagne product has been formulated by Honey herself to create a sumptuous skincare experience that also protects the environment. Our commitment to providing sustainable artisanal skincare products is more than skin deep — it’s built into the DNA of our company. So while you focus on enhancing your natural healthy glow, you can be sure we’re helping the planet achieve its healthy glow too.