Our Promise to You

We will never compromise.

Every formula we create is guided by our belief that beauty should be indulgent as well as efficacious. We have spent years crafting the perfect skincare experience for you. We ensure our skincare products are the epitome of indulgence by bringing you a collection of safe and effective products that give you that exceptional and unrivaled feeling of bliss you deserve. We will not compromise on that, our promise to you.

We rigorously test every one of our ingredients for safety and efficacy, so you can be sure they will be safe, non-toxic and give you the benefits we claim they do. We run pH, stability and microbial testing to make sure every product is safe, non-toxic and effective. Thanks to advanced technology, we can extract the most potent parts of our natural ingredients for each product and maximize its performance on your skin.

All of our skincare is formulated without parabens, MIT/MCI, formaldehyde, phthalates, hydroquinone or any unnecessary, harmful ingredients at all. Instead, we follow the facts, and use carefully selected ingredients that can penetrate deep into the skin and deliver stunning results. After all, glowing skin starts from within!

We believe in skincare that is gentle on our skin. We believe in skincare that delivers that pop of glamour without overusing unnecessary bioactive ingredients. Instead, we look to natural and soothing ingredients with fantastic properties to support your skin. One of our favorites is algae — a powerful antioxidant that also contains 8 of the essential amino acids that are needed for healthy skin paired with our other luxurious ingredients and you have the most exceptional skincare cocktail imaginable.

Our Promise to The Enviornment

At Skin Champagne, sustainability is one of our core philosophies, and we are of the firm belief that artisan skincare doesn’t have to be harmful to our planet.That’s why we are very careful when choosing not only our ingredients but our suppliers too. We make it our mission to know the country of origin, cultivation and extraction methods for each and every ingredient we use — so we know they have been sourced as ethically as possible.

Aspart of our environmental pledge, we also offer 100% vegetarian skincare and an extensive collection of rich, nourishing and indulgent vegan skincare options too. We are Leaping Bunny certified, which means we have made a pledge to only work with suppliers who can prove they have never tested on animals and are completely cruelty-free. We also believe that skincare should be as conscious and clean as possible. We feel a lot of responsibility as a skincare brand to care for the planet we live on, and to promote clean and impactful beauty. Our products are all ethically and sustainably sourced, and our ingredients have been selected to ensure they are gentle on your skin and enhance its natural luminosity.

Many common ingredients in skincare products —like soap, fragrances and even poison ivy — can lead to issues, and you’ll find none of these potentially problematic ingredients in our products. Instead, we use naturally decadent ingredients to bring the glamour to clean beauty and ensure you enjoy a blissful skincare experience that preserves our planet too.