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Inspired by Yum Pistachio Gelato

Pistachio Gourmand Body Mist

Pistachio Gourmand Body Mist

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Dive into the lush, vibrant world of Pistachio Gourmand, a complex and utterly indulgent fragrance that captures the essence of a whimsical dessert parlor. This enchanting perfume is a celebration of nutty, creamy, and fruity delights, masterfully blended to evoke the pleasures of indulgent treats and carefree days.

Scent Notes:

  • Top Notes: The journey begins with a playful and nutty burst of Pistachio and Hazelnut, intertwined with the creamy sweetness of Ice Cream. The freshness of Bergamot adds a zesty touch, while Rum brings a warm, boozy twist, and Cardamom introduces a spicy undercurrent that invigorates the senses.
  • Middle Notes: A floral and fruity heart features Lily-of-the-Valley and Peony for a crisp, fresh flourish, complemented by Pear, Raspberry, and White Peach that add a succulent juiciness. Geranium and Jasmine provide a soft floral backdrop that enriches the body of the fragrance.
  • Base Notes: The finale is a dreamy descent into sweet bliss with Whipped Cream, Marshmallow, and Cotton Candy offering a cloud of sugary delight. Loukhoum (Turkish delight) brings a sophisticated gourmand treat, while Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Cedar, and Cacao lay down a warm, rich, and slightly woody foundation that lingers on the skin.

    Spray onto pulse points (the inside of your wrists, inner elbows, below your belly button, behind your ear lobes, and knees) After applying, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin. 


    SD Alcohol 40B, Water, Fragrance, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ethylhexylglycerin

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